Channeling Dr. Seuss this election season …

Every Trump Down in Trumpville
Liked elections a lot…
But the Yous, who lived elsewhere, really did NOT! The Yous hated elections! The whole election season! Do you have to ask why? Everyone knows the reason.

The candidates’ heads weren’t screwed on just right. And possibly too, their toupees were too tight.
But I think that the most likely reason of all,
May have been that their hearts were too small.

Whatever the reason, their hearts or their ‘toups,’
The Yous stood through the election, hating the whole group. From Trump to Rubio to Carson and Cruz.
From Jeb Bush to Christie, and Hillary too.
None of them could stand them, not one single You.

But staring down from Vermont, with a big frumpy frown,
Was a gruff white-haired man who liked the Yous’ middle-class town. He promised to hold those Wall Streeters accountable.
And make the income and wealth gap less insurmountable.

“There are tough times ahead!” he emphatically said, “With the division of income, how are you Yous even fed?”

From up in his penthouse, his brain nervously spinning,
Trump growled, “I MUST find some way to stop Bernie from winning!”

For the Yous were starting to prod and to poke, And to consider Trump’s campaign quite a big joke.

“Why, months and months I’ve put up with it now!” “I MUST stop him from winning! But HOW?”

Then he got an idea! An awful idea!
“I know just what to do!” Trump sneered with a groan. “I’ll tell them about my small $1 million loan.”

And he chuckled, and clucked, “What a great Trumpy trick!” “With such a great story, how can they think I’m a dick?”

“I’ll buy this election. My fortune is great.”
“And I’ll be the financial king of these United States!” “I’ll deport everyone who came here too late.”
“It’ll be just like firing them, a mere act of fate.”

But the Yous laughed even harder at the great Trumpy Trump. And his polls started crashing way down to the dump. Without Bernie or Hillary lifting a finger.
Trump’s campaign would hopefully not linger.

As Trump looked around, at the Yous tall and small,
He realized that perhaps he had misjudged them all.
They don’t want a candidate who acts like a jerk.
They would rather have one who puts them back to work.

Tho it’s hard to imagine him negotiating with Merkel, Or facing the Syrians and Putin, that jerk-l.
The Yous were happy that Bernie had entered the race. For he truly wants to make the country a better place.

But as the calendar turns to 2016, and the election grows near, We realize that really our one greatest fear …
Is that the GOP might still elect that man Trump.
Who’s only one letter removed from a ‘rump.’





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