Reviews of Deluge

“[Shinn] captures with you-are-there clarity the spectacular horror of the flashfloods that uprooted buildings and carried away cars, and then, in the weeks that followed, the inspiring ways that Vermonters banded together, took care of one another, and rebuilt the state. It’s absolutely riveting.” — Chris Bohjalian, Burlington Free Press

“Written by Rutlander Peggy Shinn, this is not just ‘another flood book.’ It is a riveting account that reads like a ‘who-dun-it’ even though we supposedly know what happened.” — Karen D. Lorentz, The Mountain Times

” … Shinn — a writer for the U.S. Olympic Committee’s website, — moves from a scientific summary of the torrent to the page-turning prose of a thriller.” — Kevin O’Connor, Rutland Herald

“In Deluge I learned about the challenges faced by Vermonters across the state. I learned about what needed to be done to resurrect Vermont’s decimated infrastructure. I felt the deep grief as people described losing their homes and businesses, and my heart soared with pride when reading about what ordinary people did to save others and themselves. I want others to know what happened, but I recognize that doing so means unearthing difficult days for the world to see. I applaud all those who were interviewed for their courage and vulnerability and Shinn for telling the tale. But, more than anything, I look forward to a time when this is history.” — Jennie Marx, The Arts Fuse, Boston’s online arts magazine

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  1. John Fornuto

    Sorry to say, although well intentioned this account was too little too soon. There were many more areas hit by this storm in Vermont which were not thoroughly covered. We were hit in Wardsboro, and were high enough so we were not seriously affected. However, the village below us and the surrounding lowlands were inundated. The main population area of Brattleboro was mentioned very little and very badly flooded. Although we were not hurt by the flood, we were marooned in Wardsboro for five days. The roads and bridges between us and Newfane virtually impassable. I think more in depth attention should have been paid to the local excavators of Wardsboro and surrounding areas who gave unselfishly of their time and talent. My thoughts are with the people of Wilmington and the other hard hit towns. Thankfully we are well on our way to a full recovery. Shinn tried but did not cover the bases fully.

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